Review of the Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator

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4.8/5 on November 19, 2015

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  • The 2X Tire Inflator (model-40026) by Slime is tremendously light and precisely weighs 9 pounds  and has dimensions of about 12*9*6.5. Hence easy movement from one location to the other will not be a problem. They are beautifully designed and are a top option for most individuals. Slime are likewise highly prolific when it comes to its functionality as it takes just 2 minutes to top off a whole truck tire.
  • The Slime has a double cylinder which is made up of 12-volt inflator, and this makes it operate like a full-size compressor, individuals seems to be contented with its awesome performance. Overheating is not an issue to Slime due to its internal thermal break feature that provides automatic power cut protection. It is likewise not as costly as most heavy duty compressors. From airing up Jeep tires to expanding mount motorbike tires, Slime has been verified to be a well-built quality product.
  • Unlike many other inflators, it has direct connection to the terminals of your battery which totally eradicates the anxiety of blowing the fuse on your 15 amp cig lighter. Your car engine needs not to be on as when working with this air inflator.
  • Has a built in Internal Thermal Breaker that Prevents unit from overheating.
  • Fast & Powerful due to its Twin Cylinders for Maximum Power.
  • Built-In Pressure Gauge with Accessory Adaptors Included.
  • Dial gauge features shock-resistant housing.
  • Sturdy and convenient with an Aluminum Locking Handle.
  • Easy inflation of balls, rafts, toys & other inflatables.
  • 8 feet of power cord for easily reach of car battery.
  • Connects directly to battery and the compressor itself has an LED light on it in case it's dark out and you can't see the valve stems.
  • They are additionally portable and can be swiftly conveyed from one location to another with a rigid storage case.
  • They are also very long lasting.
  • The Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator has received a lot of impressive view from owners. A lot of customers reported that this inflator works as described. As of writing, this robust handy air inflator is highly rated and it definitely proves how good the product is.
  • Foldable metallic handle for swift carriage.
  • Sturdy body frame construction and very good for emergency situation.


  • Somehow loud but that is only during its initial stages.
  • There might be a little challenging task when inflating bicycle tire because little amount of air is lost when unscrewing the air hose pipe.
  • A few individual might find it hard to connect its clips to terminals of their car battery.
Review of Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator

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If you’re looking for a rapid tire inflation or when heavy duty power is desired then all you need is the Slime 40026 2X portable air compressor. The Slime 40026 2X is a double cylinder powered air compressor which enables you to fill a truck tire in just 120 seconds. Includes an in-line dial gauge with shock resistant housing, 30 feet total reach, shiny LED light. Folding aluminum knob, air connectors, coiled air hose, internal thermal break and rigid storage case. The inline dial pressure gauge is another interesting aspect of this portable inflator due to its extreme accuracy. It makes use of direct battery terminals so as to establish an intact connection for a maximum output.

Features of Slime 40026 Tire Inflator

  • Maximum time of 2-minute inflation for standard tires.
  • Alligator clip power adapter.
  • In-line dial gauge.
  • Heavy-duty rigid case.
  • Air hose 82cm with twist connect.
  • In-line dial gauge 0-150psi.
  • On/Off switch.
  • Thermal break 90C.
  • CFM: 1.9 CFM average.
  • Maximum Current: 22A.
  • Coil air hose with inline gauge.
  • Adapters included.
  • Twist-connect air hose fitting.
  • Integrated folding handle.
  • 12-volt power connector.
  • Durable construction.
  • Built-in inline dial pressure gauge.
  • Sturdy carry case.
  • Bright LED light for night time emergencies.
  • Power cord with alligator clips (244cm in length).
  • Dual cylinder inflator can be use for maximum power inflation.
  • Green coil air hose 30 feet in length with twist disconnect.
  • An inflator that directly connects  to the terminal of your car battery for maximum power.

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With a name like Slime, you don’t need to ponder more because this mid-priced model is actually pretty good. The Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator is an all-round powerful compressor to have in your car.
Its dual cylinder inflator gets the most out of each and every inflation needed to be done, equipped with an impressive list of accessories to make fixing a tire almost enjoyable, the Slime tire inflator is a handy road accessory. In fact, it’s one of a kind. This Slime tire inflator provide top functionality with an ultra-quiet sound and is also super-fast making it a reliable tool for people who spend a lot of time in their vehicle.

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