California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 Hp 6.3-Gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor Review

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4.9/5 on January 4, 2016

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  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet, good for indoor residential use and operation.
  • The tank is filled quickly, and can keep pace with ongoing work in light to moderate air tools.
  • Enough for hobby and work with light airbrush.
  • The tank keeps up with the development of nailers for continuous use.
  • You can operate the compressor throughout the day.
  • You can fill tires without waiting for the tank to fill.
  • High quality construction and connectors are used throughout.


  • The controller can sometimes take time to stabilize.
  • Some users have reported an unpleasant smell during the first use. This is probably the result of excess and surplus sealant assembly lubricants.

Do you want a smaller air compressor for home and professional use, maybe light, but still want something that has the ability to deal with serious work. It is a dilemma faced by many when they are in the market for a new compressor, but there are solutions.

California Air Tools have produced what is in many ways a product stand with the CAT 6310 Ultra quiet and oil free 6.3-Gallon Steel Tank 1.0 hp air compressor, and in our opinion will tell you everything you need to decide if this is the compressor for you.

Features of CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor:

  • 3 gallon tank
  • ¼” hose attachment
  • Low noice operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong performance
  • Semi-portable
  • quick charge pump

California Air Tools CAT 6310 best suited for?

CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Review

Meter of CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

With a 6.3-liter tank, it is important that you understand  this is not an industrial grade compressor.This compressor will excel is in DIY home, some automotive light work, and even for less intensive tasks in a professional workplace.

The CAT 6310 does better in some ways, helped in part by a higher capacity pump. This allows you to use framing nailers, for floors and ceilings pneumatic nailers, staplers, and even less intensive air spray, impact wrenches, and of course air inflators. Take a look with specific examples of where this compressor is more capable in our performance section.

Frequency of Use:

The manufacturer does not specify run times for this compressor, but if you need, you could run one of them throughout the day. It has been tested running  nailers and staplers (up to 10,000 shots) during an 8-hour day without any failure or drop in performance of the unit.

The compressor pump has a degree of durability of 3000 hours, so it is very likely to get years of trouble-free operation.

Is this compressor Portable?

Some of the compressors we have reviewed above, such as small pancake compressors fromSenco and Porter-Cable, have proven to be extremely portable, but its performance is not on par with this unit.

Although the unit we are reviewing today is smaller than an industrial compressor is not suitable for storage in a truck, RV, or boat. It is portable, in the sense that it is movable by wheels, but obviously to 50 pounds is suitable for home based tasks.

What kind of power supply is required?

This compressor is driven electrically, and can be run from any power source 110V standard. 7.5amp total draw, so it’s important not to run on the same circuit as other large appliances.

Performance – How to support the compressor to the real-world tasks?

The CAT 6310 results 3.8CFM @ 40 psi and 90 psi @ 2.35CFM. The DeWalt DWFP55126 previously produced slightly higher CFM reviewed and featured a comparable size tank, but there is something that makes the unit more capable.

It has a dual piston pump which is capable of rapidly build pressure in the tank, making it possible to complete light automotive work using an impact gun. This is something that has not been possible with most of the handsets we’ve reviewed. The unit was tested using an impact wrench 100 ft-lb running at 90 psi. The key is used to remove and replace the tires of vehicles without problem.

Inflate the tires has also been a task that others smaller compressors. struggle with. Often you would wait to pressure for reconstruction, even while you are inflating a tire.This compressor has no trouble inflating a vehicle tire standard 0 to 35psi uninterrupted. The compressor will kick in and ensure that there is a constant flow of air, even while continuing to fill the tank.

Running an airbrush 40psi would allow continuous flow for painting or furniture stains, detailing a vehicle, or even for the use of solid wood instruments.

Any tool requiring up 3.8CFM work well with this compressor, just make sure it matches the requirements of the ISP to ensure an acceptable level of performance.

Is 6 gallon tank Enough?

6 gallon should be enough for any home user or light professional work. The tank need 130 seconds to go from vacuum to 120 psi, and 90 psi can get back to capacity in less than a minute. The fact that the double piston pump may replace the air so quickly makes this a capable compressor.

How noisy the pump of CAT-6310 Air Compressor?

This is one of the quietest compressors in the market when run under ideal conditions, producing only 60dB. This is the normal volume of conversation and this means that you can use during the day and even at night without causing a disturbance.

If you are operating the unit continuously for maximum pressure, noise may increase due to vibration.

What type of pump is installed?

The compressor pump used is a 2 piston, direct drive with oil free design. This means no external moving parts to be damaged, and also means that the pump itself requires no maintenance.

What maintenance is required?

Oil-free pump means that the entire unit requires virtually no user maintenance. In addition to empty the unit release valve after use, users must ensure the connectors, motor, meters, and all parties are free of dust and moisture.

How Simple is to use this compressor?

The meter readings, making adjustments, drain the tank and turning the compressor or clear all are simple tasks that become second nature.

However the owners will have to attach the wheels, the front bumper and air filter before operating the unit. All simply bolts or screws in the place, but it’s something you have to keep in mind if you are expecting the unit to come into full operation of the box.

Some units reportedly have been sent with wheels that are wobbly even when properly connected to its supports. Cat owners can call for additional washers or add additional washers to stabilize the movement of the wheel.

How many Hose Outlets are There?

This unit is equipped with a single universal ¼ inch quick connector. This is a standard accessory, and you only need an additional adapter if you use different tools or hoses.

What is the Quality of Construction?

Overall, this is a quality product to the consumer / semi-professional. It is made to last in situations of origin and moderate use.

All connections are high-quality solid copper or steel braid. No components of rubber or plastic parts used in high wear, which is essential to increase durability. The cylinder itself is made of steel tank, which improves long-life durability. There Teflon used in the internal parts also increases quality.

The craftsmanship is generally excellent, with some disappointing aspects. The plastic wheels are poorly fitted a disappointing oversight, as it is cheap and unsecured grip on the front handle.

Are there accessories in the box?

No additional accessories included with this compressor.  Recommended accessories include a high quality hose, such as those produced by Goodyear, a coupler assembly and a tire inflator with pressure gauge for home use. Hoses and couplers high quality accessories allow you to get the most from your air tools.


Despite the strange placement wheels and poor instruction handbook, California Air Tools have managed to produce a compressor that beats most of the competition with similar sizes of tanks. The dual piston pump 1 HP is able to replenish the air quickly, which means it is suitable for some accessories streaming. Being able to use it to airbrushing light and detail work and the use of a tool such as an impact wrench would make it the perfect solution for many. That is effortless with the nailers, staplers and accessories of inflation make it a capable and versatile compressor house. As long as you do not have problems with lack of portability compared to a lighter pancake compressor, then the CAT 6310 might be the unit you have been looking for.

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