Choosing the Right Contractor Grade Air Compressor

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The consumer grade air compressor and the contractor grade air compressor¬†are able to stand up to the rough conditions of a job site. On top of that, they’re portable, through either a carry handle or wheeled cart. Because of their strength, they’re capable of operating nail guns and other large roadside repair tools, such as jack hammers. One who needs to run multiple air tools or does high caliber jobs should definitely look into this grade of air compressors.

Twin-Stack Air Compressors

Because of their dual air tanks, they’re capable of storing more air without having to actually run the motor. Out of all the contractor grade air compressors, these are probably the most suitable for carpenters, due to them being relatively portable yet powerful at the same time. Keep in mind that these things can get up to 80 pounds.

Portable Single-Stage Compressors

Those who need to constantly run multiple nail guns should consider getting a portable single-stage compressor. Just about any contractor can make use of this type of air compressor. Because of their sheer power, they tend to be a bit more expensive.

Wheelbarrow Compressors

Primarily designed for job sites, these compressors are built with powerful engines, large air tanks and very durable materials, enabling them to handle even the most rough conditions. Even though they’re bulky and heavy, they can be easily moved, thanks to their wheelbarrow design. Keep in mind that these air compressors can weigh up to 300 pounds. Alternatively, one can get a lighter model if they need to.

Truck-Mount Compressors

Truck-mount air compressors are one of the most powerful, biggest air compressors available. In fact, these mean machines can weight up to an entire 700 pounds, which explains why they’re mounted on a truck. One could very easily run multiple large power tools all day with a truck mount compressor. The only main downside to them is that they can only be carried around by a truck or other suitable vehicle.

DC Compressors

What makes these compressors unique is that they’re commonly used by race teams, show cars and RV owners. Basically, they’re built inside a vehicle’s DC voltage system, so they take up very little room. At the same time, they are able to provide lots of air. DC compressors are capable of inflating tires that are 37 inches and larger.

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