Makita MAC700 Review – How Well The Big Bore Air Compressor Is?

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The engine is really exceptionally powerful, with a maximum output of 2.0hp, but still maintains low sound which never surpasses 80 dB since it runs at 1720 rpm. It has an oil-lubricated pump for higher lifespan, as well as a low 12 amp draw. It weighs 52lbs, this makes it much easy to be carried around.

The focal point of this device is its highly effective engine which has a pump created out of strong metal with a huge bore cylinder and that of piston, these results in absolute best in performance. For further understanding, I will be explaining what I meant by those terms. In the piston engine, the bore is the size of the cylinder and inside the cylinder is the piston which consist of the movement of the stroke. A bigger bore and longer stroke means superior compression, less sound emission, and a quicker time to recover. Also, the capacity of the air produced is considerably bigger resulting to a lesser number of cycles, and shields the components from wearing out too much.

The air compressor can provide power at under 80dB which is lower than your average kitchen blender. Just for you to have an insight of how silent it is, the common air compressor functions at 90dB. The difference may not look that huge, but bear in mind that an increase of just a few levels can sometimes result in increasing the sound. Though sound shouldn’t be the first thing in mind when getting an air compressor but it’s still a wise choice to find one that is highly effective and can also be used within a home, garage, or workshop without waking up the whole neighborhood!

When it comes to servicing, the once unpleasant process is hardly a difficulty since the oil tanks comes with a see through glass which allows you to know if there’s still any oil in the compressor. All you have to do is drain the oil by disconnecting the oil drain plug and then put new oil in which, parenthetically comes with the air compressor.


The compacted air from the compressor is not safe for inhalation. The air flow may contain carbon monoxide as well as other fumes, or contaminants from the tank or other components, besides that the sprayed materials such as paint, paint solvents, paint remover, pesticides, weed killers, etc., contain dangerous fumes and toxins. Inhaling air compressor or sprayed components steam can result in serious harm.

Improper handling or servicing of this device might result in serious injury and property damage like:

  • Failure to effectively drain condensed water from the tank, resulting in corrosion and loss of the tank wall. Unauthorized modifications to the pressure switch, safety valve, or any other components, which control tank pressure might result to a weakening of the tank, and result in a violent tank explosion.
  • Exceeding the pressure level of air tools, stem guns, air-managed components, tires and other inflatables can cause them to burst or fly apart, and could result in serious harm.
Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

First look of MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor by Makita

Though an air compressor might seem like something that is wholly intended to experts, there are so many uses for it in daily life activity, specifying them all would take hours. When the need to inflate a tire, football, do some fastening, cleaning, or bolting on or off, the job will go a lot faster if an air compressor is been used.

If you like to play around with vehicles or usually get preoccupied with do it yourself projects of any kind, then an air compressor of this nature should be an important essential. It’s perfectly constructed in a unique way such that you can easily connect any power tool to it and complete other tasks like spray painting or sandblasting. With all this in mind, it would be awesome to have an air compressor which is a port of all deals. Fortunately for you (and me) I have found the Makita MAC700 Big Bore Air Compressor.

Features Makita MAC700:

  • Low Sound, Low AMP Draw and High Output
  • Cast metal pump with Huge Bore™ cylinder and piston are engineered to provide faster recovery time to enhanced performance
  • Powerful 2.0 HP* 4-Pole engine generates 3.3 CFM at 90 PSI for enhanced performance and lesser sound
  • Pump operates at lower RPM (1,730) ensuing in lesser sound (80dB) and enhanced pump durability
  • Low AMP draw reduces occurrences of tripped breakers at start-up
  • Pump is oil-lubricated so as to cool running temperatures and reduced wear
  • Copper finned launch tube for increased heat dissipation and decreased conventional water in the tank
  • Roll-bar manage for mobility and extra protection
  • Large motorized style industrial air filter for enhanced air intake and higher efficiency
  • Robust cast iron cylinder decreases wear and enhances pump life; detachable for easy maintenance
  • Oil sight glass for quick, simple and effective maintenance
  • Lever-handle football ball system container drain enhances upon conventional petcock design for easier servicing and air container release
  • Built-in thermal overload for extra engine protection

Makita MAC700 compressor - Break In Review


Though I examined the reviews for this product which were outstanding, I had already fixed my mind on it. It is simply amazing. It will efficiently face just about anything you toss at it, and it turn’s in some remarkable performance amounts.

It’s extremely robust, but you don’t lose any mobility because of it. If you are keen on investing your money on an air compressor that is never anything less than exceptional, then I think you’re making yourself a great deal by buying the Makita MAC700 Big Bore Air Compressor.

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