Portable Air Compressor Review – 85P Portable Air Compressor by VIAIR

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5/5 on November 14, 2015

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  • The air compressor is designed in such a way that none of its part is serviceable and no lubrication is necessary. This implies that the product is oil free, so you don’t have to pay any fee for its maintenance.
  • Tire pressure can be checked using the gauge integrated on top of the device.
  • This air Compressor is Moisture and Dust Resistant, but not water or dust resilient.
  • This portable device uses the power from the cigarette lighter socket straightly.
  • The length of the cord is about 10 feet long and this makes it suitable for most vehicles.
  • Not only does the VIAIR have the capability to specifically connect directly into car's cigarette lighter port, however it also comes with battery clamps giving you the alternative of attaching the compressor directly up to your car battery. This goes a long way to help if your cigarette lighter outlet does not work. The battery clamps are two crocodile sort clips, which is easily connected to the terminals on the vehicle battery.
  • During the review of the Viair 85p it was noticed that the tire inflation using the battery clamps was faster than using the cigarette lighter port. However as indicated by owners of this model, this air compressor can fill a vast tire of 20-30 PSI within two to three minutes and another reviewer pointed out that this compressor was able to inflate four large terrain tires in 20 minutes. These shows that the model is time-efficient for people who value time while working.
  • Another interesting part about this cig lighter air compressor is that, it is fast however it is not a super-fast compressor, for such a low powered tool. The sound level also seems quite acceptable. Notwithstanding this fact there are also positive feedback regarding its operation.
  • This air compressor has an integrated LED workspace light and it is more than an admirable addition to it. Now this compressor can be used at night without worrying about the workspace light because the LED light built into this device is definitely better than none.
  • The VIAIR 85P is an electric air compressor which is totally different form of gas compressors, they do not produce vapors of any such and consequently they are harmless to use.
  • It is an emergency compressor that is capable of providing inflation facilities up to 31-inch tires. The air compressor also comes bundled with some included Parts which are 120 PSI Pressure Gauge, LED Work Light / Power Indicator, strong steel twist-on tire chuck, Three piece inflation Tips Kit, double battery clamps Power Cord of 10 feet and an air Hose of 3 feet.


  • This air compressor turns out to be extremely hot during and immediately after use thereby waiting for a long time before it cools off.
  • The air compressor could burst tires or other items when running and left unattended.
  • As long as the car engine is not running, when pressures exceed 60 PSI the fuse for the cigarette lighter port will blow before the fuse in the pump's power port plug blow.
VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor Review

This is an air compressor that was carefully designed to provide long-term, trouble-free task. This portable oil-less air compressor works on 12 volts DC and must be connected into a cigarette lighter power port to work however it always recommended to have the car engine running when being use. The unit comes bundled with a pressure gauge measurement and a 3 piece set of inflation tips. It can be utilize for inflating tires, sporting balls, or topping off pressure for single individual tube rafts, air mats, and different other uses. Because of its portable size this air compressor can be easily carried and taken to any place of your choice.

The 85P portable air compressor by Viair comes with an integrated LED work light and is able to inflate up to 31-inch tires. VIAIR 85P portable car air compressor is one of the best compressor that will tackle emergency situations on the road side.

85P Portable Air Compressor Video Review

Features of 85p Portable Air Compressor

  • 12-Volt
  • Built-In 120 PSI Pressure Meter
  • LED Working flash Light/Power Meter
  • Accessory Power Plug
  • Three piece Inflation Tips Kit
  • Oil-Less Design
  • Gearless Direct-Drive Motorized
  • Compactly shaped for swift Carriage and Storage
  • Solid Brass Twist-On Tire Chuck
  • Power cord: 10 ft. / Air Hose: 3 ft.
  • Permanent magnetic motor
  • Duty Cycle: 20 min. @ 30 PSI
  • The bearings are permanently Lubricated
  • Maximum has a working PSI pressure of 60
  • Maximum Amp pull is 15 Amps
85P Portable Air Compressor by VIAIR

85P Portable Air Compressor Specification by VIAIR


The compressor is extremely easy to use because of its perfect design. The metal screw on tire chuck for the tire stem is so much more convenient and simply to use than the device at some gas stations, because you just fasten it on and you do not have to hold it in place. It fills up tire to the exact pressure in less time, and the tire gauge makes it impossible for you to make any mistakes in decision as to how much or how little to fill your tire, as long as you know what the PSI is for your tires. Definitely you will be satisfied acquiring this product. It is everything that the company advertises it to be and more.

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