Review of the MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor by Q Industries

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  • 11.5 x 9 x 8 inches dimensions tells us how easy to carry this MV50 model compressor from¬†Q Industries
  • Fast, Simple to Use & Easy to Store
  • The air compressor also has an integrated air pressure meter gauge which is perfectly accurate so as to supervise the tire pressure during inflation.
  • The MV-50 comes with an alligator clips for attaching directly to the terminal of your car battery so as to maximize the power it takes and to ensure it gets full battery output.
  • The maximum rated output pressure is 120 PSI and can inflate a flat car tire in about two to three minutes, so there ought to no compelling reason to stress over about burden cycle for most applications.
  • When on and functioning, the air compressor is pretty quiet and does not bounce nor vibrate around.
  • Easily portable and long hose for makes it easy for huge vehicles. With the carry bag and the light weight, this device can be easily conveyed inside your vehicle while embarking on a travel. They barely add up any additional space. It truly serves as a good emergency for all each of those long outings that you make with your companions. The air hose is separable detachable and can be easily coiled up for better portability.
  • Perfect ideal for those long off-road trips, this is a must have that saves you from getting stranded in the highway due to punctured tires. Comes with a 16 feet coiled up long pipe hose that helps to connect the tires of massive trucks and the air compressor.
  • The unit is impeccable for all sort of tremendous utility trucks or any such cars.
  • Includes attachable needle tip for inflating household item.
  • It has a max amperage of 30
  • The unit is equipped with an automatic protection device. In circumstance the device attains a hazardous working temperature, a protection circuits will cut power to prevent damage to the unit.
  • It has an inbuilt circuit device that automatically shut down and starts all over again when the device try's to exits its maximum temperature. Then it takes maximum of minutes of 14 for the compressor to return normal temperature, depending on surroundings conditions.
  • This compressor includes a 10-foot power cable to stretch around the vehicle, a 16-foot separable pipe hose to connect from compressor to tire, a built-in pressure gauge monitor, and a pair of alligator hook to clip straightforwardly to the battery.
  • The 120 PSI creates an air flow up to 2.54 CFM (72 lPM).
  • It comes with a Complete Tire Inflation System


  • The yellow coiled pipe hose that is made of plastic that appears to be broken in the middle when over stretched to reach the rear tire.
  • The parts once damaged may be not easily replaceable and this results in a great difficulty trying to find a replacement O-ring or hose assembly accessory.
  • High altitude and certain air temperature can negatively affect the performance of the unit.
Inflate a car tire using MV50 SuperFlow Portable Compressor

Inflate a car tire using MV50 SuperFlow Portable Air Compressor

This is an air compressor on the low priced side, the powerful MV50 SuperFlow high-volume air compressor is the perfect, portable and convenient air compressor that has the ability to inflate a tire in less than three minutes. It’s basically designed for use on SUV, trucks, RVs and other vehicles tires, and is intended for everyday use, from blowing up soccer ball to filling up a flat tire and other inflating tools. The MV50’s 12 volts of power and 120 PSI limit is equivalent to other higher-valued priced air compressors. It comes included with a 10-foot power cord to stretch around the vehicle, a separable 16-foot pipe hose in length so as to fix from the air compressor to tire, a built-in pressure gauge, and alligator fasteners as to perfectly hook to the terminals of your car battery. The MV50 can reach up to 72 IPM (2.54CFM). It also comes with adapters and neatly pack carriage bag that includes a whole lot of accessories for an off-road activities.

Features of MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor

Features of MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor

Features of MV50 SuperFlow Portable Compressor:

  • 120 PSI portable air compressor
  • 16-foot coiled hose
  • It comes with a powerful motor of 12 volt
  • Ideal for off-road vehicles
  • In a minutes the MV50 can inflates a passenger car tire
  • Inflates a full size truck tire in under three minutes
  • It’s powers source comes directly from a car battery
  • Quick release coil hose of 16 foot
  • It has a twist E-Z brass air inflator
  • Comes power cable of 8 foot long
  • A suitable nylon Storage bag included for safety of the unit
  • Has 3 adapter nozzles for inflating sports balls, rafts, and toys
  • Easily connects with Type M quick connect air coupling
  • Connects directly to your vehicle’s 12-Volt battery
  • Included parts like quick release coil Hose, brass inflator, power cord, nylon carry bag and adapter Nozzles

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The MV50 SuperFlow portable compressor easily beats compressors which cost over 3 times what this unit does. Consequently whenever you arrange your outing amid the weekends, bear in mind to tuck in the MV50 SuperFlow air compressor alongside with you. For a super-fast swift inflation of punctured tires or your football during matches. This device is simply right out for you as you wanted. You will be so pleased to having one so as to enjoy a happy and uninterrupted journey.

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